Criminology Student Gets Emotional For Being Along During Graduation Day

Criminology Student Graduates Alone, Touches Hearts of Netizens

A criminology student touches the hearts of the netizens for being alone during his graduation ceremony in South Cotabato.

Graduation is a special ceremony that marks the completion of a course of study or educational program. It is a huge milestone in a person’s life and often involves a formal ceremony where students are recognized for their achievements and awarded diplomas or degrees.

During a graduation ceremony, students typically wear special attire, such as caps and gowns, to signify their academic accomplishment. Family members, friends, teachers, and school officials often attend to show their support and celebrate the students’ success.

Criminology Student

Recently, one student who completed Criminology Intern Basic Training couldn’t hold back his tears because his family couldn’t attend the ceremony. His tears flowed even more when some mothers noticed him.

The video was taken at a graduation ceremony in South Cotabato. While many were celebrating, this young man stood alone, trying to hold back his tears. Unlike other graduates, he didn’t have any family or relatives with him.

A woman noticed him and approached him, and other mothers also came closer, one of them offering a hug. The man in the video is John Lord Ayo, one of the graduates of Criminology Intern Basic Training.

According to the uploader, Mika Lajato, John Lord’s relatives live in Sarangani province. His family didn’t have enough budget to travel to the ceremony. John Lord knew his family wouldn’t make it to the ceremony, but he couldn’t stop his emotions from overflowing.

Because of the simple act of some mothers and other cadets approaching him, many provided comfort to John Lord. The video became viral on social media, with many expressing how touched and moved they were.

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Many netizens also applauded the student and admired the people who showed compassion.

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Criminology Student

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