299 Engagement Ring: Jillian Ward Flexes Cheaper Ring She Received

299 Engagement Ring – Jillian Ward flexed the ring that she received from a man in Navotas amid the viral engagement ring issue.

Jillian Ward Receives Engagement Ring Cheaper Than Viral “299 Ring”

Jillian Ward shared this amusing video

Kapuso actress Jillian Ward received an engagement ring from a man that is cheaper than the viral “299 engagement ring.”

To recall, the online community talked about the viral post of a woman who found out that the engagement ring she received from her boyfriend only cost “P299” on a popular online shopping site.

This received various reactions from netizens but she was mainly bashed for “shaming” her boyfriend and that her dissatisfaction was unreasonable. Some netizens pointed out that sincerity is more important than the value of the ring. Several celebrities also expressed their thoughts on this engagement ring issue.

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Following that post from a woman, a post from the man who claimed that he was the one behind the viral engagement ring surfaced online. He said that he is their family’s breadwinner.

This issue of the viral engagement ring once again caught the attention of many netizens when Jillian Ward shared a video in which a man gave her an engagement ring. In a recent video she shared on her TikTok page, the actress appeared to be in a motorcade.

People on the streets were cheering for her and her attention was caught by a man carried by two other men following their car. The man lifted his shirt to show the broken heart drawing on his chest.

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The actress reached out her hand to the man and his companion put him down. Then, he put the “ring” on Jillian’s finger. She happily showed the camera what the man put on her finger and it was a washer that was being used to evenly distribute the load of the threaded fastener with which it is used. The actress captioned her post with, “May kalawang pa eh.”


May kalawang pa eh

♬ yes, and? – Ariana Grande

This received funny reactions from netizens and some made fun of the viral “299 engagement ring.” Here are some comments.

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