Lady Netizen Expresses Dissatisfaction w/ Engagement Ring Priced at Only P299

Lady Netizen Got Upset w/ Engagement Ring Worth P299 “Ganito lang ba kababa yung halaga ko

ENGAGEMENT RING – A lady netizen has expressed her dissatisfaction with her engagement ring, which was priced at only P299.

Recently, the Facebook page “Hugot Ni Juan” shared a screenshot of a woman’s heartfelt sentiments about the engagement ring she received from her boyfriend, valued at P299. The post quickly went viral, sparking various reactions from netizens.

Expressing her dissatisfaction, the lady netizen sought to remain anonymous as she shared her thoughts. Her boyfriend of eight years proposed to her, but she became upset upon learning that the engagement ring only cost P299.

Lady Netizen

The woman even questioned her value because her boyfriend couldn’t even save up for a better ring. She also discovered that her partner bought the ring on Shopee, an online shopping platform.

However, she is torn between confronting her boyfriend and ignoring her feelings.

The post triggered numerous reactions online, with many expressing empathy and others offering advice on how to handle the situation.

Lady Netizen

The story serves as a reminder of the different perspectives people have when it comes to relationships and the importance they place on symbols like engagement rings.

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Here is the full post:

“Please hide my identity po.

My BF of 8 years just proposed to me. But na giguilty ako kasi, I am upset due to the fact na the engagement ring only cost 299.

Ganito lang ba kababa yung halaga ko sa kanya na hindi nya manlang pinag ipunan pambili ng ring? Or di ko ba dapat e big deal? Am I too immature to feel this way?

Hindi nya alam na nakita ko yung ring binili nya sa shoppee. Ignore ko nlng ba tong na fefeel ko? Or should I confront him, kaso ayoko din naman masira yung moment.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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