Alleged Man Behind P299 Engagement Ring Speaks Up: “Ako po yung breadwinner”

Alleged Man Behind P299 Engagement Ring Breaks Silence Amid Controversy

An alleged man behind the viral P299 engagement ring issue broke his silence and shared his side: “Ako po yung breadwinner.”

Last week, the P299 engagement ring issue became one of the most controversial topics online. The post quickly spread like wildfire on social media and garnered various reactions from the online community.

The uploader expressed her heartfelt sentiments about the engagement ring she received from her boyfriend, valued at P299. She expressed her disappointment in receiving a cheap ring from a popular online shopping website.

Alleged Man

The lady even questioned her value because her boyfriend couldn’t even save up for a better ring. She is torn between confronting her boyfriend and ignoring her feelings.

Recently, the Facebook page “COGAN Lakwatsero” shared a statement of the alleged man behind the P299 engagement ring issue. The post elicited comments from the internet users.

The guy clarified that it was an ‘engagement ring’ and not a wedding ring. He explained that he was the breadwinner of their family and still had responsibilities, such as supporting his sibling’s education.

Alleged Man

He further explained that he could buy an expensive ring but chose to prioritize his responsibilities, reiterating that love doesn’t have a price and he wasn’t born into a rich family.

The man did not expect his partner’s reactions regarding the engagement ring and admitted that he was hurt by those who were judging him. His world fell apart due to the issue.

Alleged Man Alleged Man Alleged Man Alleged Man

The issue served as a realization for him to break up with his current girlfriend and cancel their wedding plans. He will start moving on, even though it is painful.

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