Desperate Man Goes on 4-Hour Bicycle Trip for Help, Institution Declines Assistance

Desperate Man and 2 Children Embarked on 4-Hour Bicycle Trip for Help

A desperate man embarked on a 4-hour bicycle journey seeking help, only to face disappointment as the institution declined to provide help.

The Facebook page First Bike Ride shared the heartbreaking photos of a father who went on a 4-hour bicycle trip to seek assistance from an institution. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Tatay Romy and his two young sons, Jesrome (4 years old) and Joshua (2 years old), embarked on a challenging journey, pedaling for over four hours on a bicycle, hoping to seek assistance from a charitable organization in Manila.

Desperate Man

Unfortunately, their journey ends up in disappointment, leaving them with an additional four-hour ride back home.

The uploader encountered the resilient family along the steep Mabini Bridge in Manila. At first glance, it seemed like a heartwarming scene of a family using a bike for transportation.

He approached Tatay Romy and learned that they were headed to Parañaque, a distance of more than 20 kilometers from their current location. The family hopes to receive assistance from a charitable institution they had heard about.

Desperate Man

Pumunta kami dito kasi nabalitaan namin na nagbibigay sila ng tulong, Pero hindi kami tinanggap kasi hindi kami umabot. Ilan lang ‘yung kaya matulungan ngayong araw,” Romy said.

The family had traveled from their home in Parañaque to Manila, with Romy starting to travel as early as 6 am. His two sons rode on a makeshift chair attached to the bicycle’s top tube.

Despite their efforts, when they arrived at their destination at 10:30 am, they were met with the heartbreaking news that they couldn’t receive the help they desperately needed.

Desperate Man

Romy, a welder by profession, revealed that jobs have become scarce, and currently, his wife is the sole breadwinner. They have three children, with the eldest attending school that day. The uploader gave the poor man a small amount of cash.

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For those willing to help, Tatay Romy Romy can be reached at 6627 1 Segundo Street, Gatchalian 1, Brgy San Dionisio, Parañaque City.

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