Abegail Rait After Losing 2023 Barangay Election: “Maraming Salamat”

Francis Magalona’s Rumored Partner Abegail Rait Fails to Win 2023 Barangay Election

Abegail Rait, the rumored partner of the late rapper Francis Magalona reportedly lost the 2023 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections.

A few weeks ago, Abegail Rait and her daughter, Gaile Franceska became the center of controversy after revealing their relationship with Francis Magalona. Rait claimed that Gaile was the youngest daughter of the Pinoy rap icon.

The shocking revelation took place when Abegail brought several Francis M. memorabilia to Boss Toyo of Pinoy Pawnstar. She offered polo shirts, a jersey with a letter, and a photograph featuring herself and Cheska. The two closed the deal for P500,000.

Abegail Rait

Gaile Francesca also expressed her desire to meet her siblings and hoped that they would accept her as part of the Magalona family.

The revelation coincided with Abegail Rait’s candidacy for a position in the barangay elections in Imus, Cavite. Her candidacy caught the interest of the netizens.

Recently, the result of the 2023 barangay elections in Toclong 2-B, Imus Cavite brought a mix of emotions for Abegail Rait after she failed to secure a spot. She congratulated the other candidates and expressed her gratitude to her supporters.

Abegail Rait

Her post shows maturity in handling her defeat and her commitment to the greater good of the community. Even though she did not secure a position as a barangay council member, she remains dedicated to contributing positively to the community.

Here is the full post:

“I would like to congratulate Capt. Bong Remulla and landslide slate for Toclong 2-B.

It is with humble appreciation to all the supporters who fought for us a good battle and rest assured that we are one in serving goodwill with earnest effort to find ways to make our better community come together.

Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat!”

The social media users expressed their reactions to her post:

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