Bea Alonzo Receives Apology From ‘1521’ Producer

Movie producer apologized to Bea Alonzo

Inspire Studios head Francis B. Lara Ho, the producer behind the movie 1521, spoke about the issue that transpired between him and Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo.

After Bea shot the movie, several issues surfaced. The producer claimed that the actress had “unreasonable demands” during the shoot. It was allegedly part of his unforgettable experience while filming the movie. Rumors surfaced that it was Bea who paid for her and her team’s accommodation and the food for staff.

However, this was previously denied by Andrea Hernandez Trinidad from Team 1521 and she defended the film’s producer against the allegations.

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Bea Alonzo’s manager Shirley Kuan answered the issues and explained what the actress did for the movie to continue. The talent manager said that it was Bea who had the initiative to alter her costume after learning that it did not fit her well because she was not told about the fitting schedule.

Shirley also revealed that the designer created the costume for “ex-deal” only and that there was no spare costume which was common in the production.

In a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, 1521 producer Francis B. Lara Ho said that he apologized to Bea for what happened.

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đź“·: Inquirer

“I hope she hears this: I apologize. Because of my limited knowledge and experience—I’m a first-time producer—I made some calls that apparently didn’t help her, and I take responsibility for them. It wasn’t my intention to hurt her,” the film producer said.

Francis also shared that Shirley is a family friend and that she would sometimes spend time with his family. The film producer also apologized to Bea’s manager saying that he had no intention for their relationship to turn away.

He shared that he will be sending invitations to Bea and Shirley to attend the special screening on May 29 in Manila and on May 30, there will be a screening in Cebu. 1521 will be released in cinemas nationwide on June 5.

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