Miss Camiguin 2024 Explains This Viral Moment In MUPH 2024

Miss Camiguin 2024 Rethiana Rosa of Miss Universe Philippines 2024 explains this viral moment during the pageant. She was spotted peeking through the results from a distance and many noticed this. They were amused as to how she saw the result from afar and this moment went viral online.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024: Miss Camiguin Explains “Marites” Moment

Here’s what the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 candidate from Camiguin said about this moment.

MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES 2024 – Miss Camiguin explains her trending and viral “marites” moment during the pageant.

“Marites” is a word used for people who love to hear stories about other people. And recently, a “marites” moment was caught on camera which involved Rethiana Rosa of Camiguin.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Her shock reaction after seeing the result Alden Richards was holding despite the distance was included in the frame and the viewers were quick to notice this. The moment went viral and in an interview, she explained this moment that became trending and viral online.

According to her, “Cainta” was a short word compared to “Bulacan” and from afar, it was easy for her to distinguish which is which through the first letters “C” and “B”. She added that they were betting on who to win and she tried her luck in peeking at the result and she was shocked. This was the reaction that caught the eyes of many.

“When I told them it’s Bulacan, they covered my mouth so people wouldn’t be able to see and read my lips,” she continued based on her interview with Philstar Life.

Meanwhile, by doing so, they meant no harm. It was just all for fun and they are happy for the winners especially Chelsea Manalo. The black Filipino-American beauty is the MUPH 2024 winner.

They all love Chelsea and they are genuinely happy for all the winners.

Winners of other titles:

  • Alexie Mae Brooks of Iloilo City is appointed Miss Philippines Eco International 2025
  • Cyrille Payumo of Pampanga is named Miss Philippines Charm 2025
  • Ahtisa Manalo of Quezon Province is crowned Miss Philippines Cosmo International 2024
  • Tarah Mae Valencia of Baguio is Miss Philippines Supranational 2025

MUPH 2024 runners-up

  • 4th runner-up: Christi McGarry (Taguig)
  • 3rd runner-up: Tarah Mae Valencia (Baguio)
  • 2nd runner-up: Maria Ahtisa Manalo (Quezon Province)
  • 1st runner-up: Stacey Gabriel (Cainta)

Special Awards

  • Miss Kemans – Bacoor
  • Miss Jell Life – Iloilo City
  • Miss Smilee – Quezon Province
  • Miss Cream Silk – Cavite
  • Miss Buscopan Venus – Iloilo City 
  • The Face of Avon – Iloilo City
  • Miss So-En – Taguig
  • Miss Fairy Skin – Quezon Province
  • Miss Jewelmer – Taguig
  • Miss Great Lengths/Color Plus – Quezon Province
  • Miss Jojo Bragais – Bulacan
  • Miss Zonrox – Quezon Province, Iloilo City, Bacoor

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