Man Caught on Camera Urinating on Popular Beer Ingredient in China

Controversy Surrounds Tsingtao Beer Production After Man Allegedly Urinated on Beer Ingredient

A man was caught on camera urinating on the ingredients used to produce Tsingtao, a well-known brand of beer in the country.

The viral video shows a man stealthily entering the storage room at Tsingtao Brewery, where the ingredients essential for brewing beer are stored. Within moments, the video showed the man urinating on the stored ingredients.

Initial reports suggested that the individual caught urinating was an employee of the company, and the person recording the video was also identified as such. However, preliminary findings by the Pingdu City Police suggest that “external contractors” were involved in the incident.

Popular Beer Ingredient

According to reports, the police authorities detained the two individuals involved in the incident for further investigation. The incident immediately went viral on Chinese social media platforms, prompting Tsingtao Brewery to issue a statement addressing the controversy.

“Our company attaches high importance to the relevant video that emerged from Tsingtao Brewer No. 3 on October 19. We reported the incident to the police at the earliest opportunity, and public security agencies involved in the investigation,” the company said.

Tsingtao Brewery also reassured the public that the contaminated batch of malt had been properly sealed and would not be used in the beer production process.

Popular Beer Ingredient

Beyond being a leading beer manufacturer in China, Tsingtao is one of the country’s largest exporters of brew, supplying beer to various countries around the world. The incident has raised concerns about the quality and integrity of the beer production process at the popular brewery.

The Pingdu Market Authority has formed a team to conduct a thorough investigation. They have also examined the site where the incident occurred to ensure the safety and quality of the brewing process.

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