Peanuts ‘Dance’ When Dropped In Beer, Here’s Why

Peanuts, Beer 1

Scientists Uncover Science Behind Dancing Peanuts In Beer PEANUTS – Scientists explained why peanuts ‘dance’ when dropped into a pint of beer. Peanuts initially sink to the bottom of a pint of beer before floating to the top and “dancing” in the glass. In a recent study released on Wednesday, scientists delved deeply to learn … Read more

German Brewery Makes Powdered Beer, Available in Sachets

German Brewery

German Brewery Makes Powdered Beer, Which Can be Made Like Instant Coffee or Milk POWDERED BEER – A German brewery was able to make powdered beer, which can be made like instant coffee and milk. Powdered beer is now a reality, and it comes in a sachet just like powdered juice drinks, powdered energy drinks, … Read more

Priest Throws Inappropriate Jokes & Pulls Out Bottle of Beer During Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Priest Earns Criticisms Online Over Inappropriate Jokes & Carrying Beer During Wedding Ceremony A crazy priest earns criticisms from the online community for throwing inappropriate jokes and carrying a bottle of beer during wedding ceremony. Wedding is a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations. It is an act where couples exchange vows in … Read more

Report Says Average Filipino Usually Spends P23, 000 for Alcoholic Beverage per Year

Alcoholic Beverage

Average Filipino Usually Spends P23, 000 for Alcoholic Beverage per Year, According to Report A report states that an average Filipino usually spends around P23, 000 for alcoholic beverage every year. World Beer Index 2021 recorded Philippines ranked near of the pack overall in terms of average beer cost and consumption per individual. However the … Read more

Hard-Headed Resident Carrying Cases of Beer Caught by Cop

Hard-Headed Resident

Policeman Caught Hard-Headed Resident Carrying Cases of Beer on his Motorcycle QUARANTINE VIOLATOR – The police authorities caught a hard-headed resident carrying cases of beer at the back of his motorcycle. Over the past few months, the Philippine government is strictly implementing the enhanced community quarantine in the country to prevent the further spread of … Read more

Police Authorities Caught Pasaway Residents Drinking Beer Amid Quarantine

Pasaway Residents

Pasaway Residents Caught by Police Authorities Drinking Beer Amid Liquor Ban Due To Lockdown The police authorities caught several pasaway residents drinking beer (Red Horse) amid the enhanced community quarantine. The police authorities, health workers, and other frontliners were surely having a hard and difficult time implementing the enhanced community quarantine to prevent the further … Read more