China’s “Spoiled” Behavior Towards PH Needs To Be Called Out

Vessel of China Reportedly Makes “Dangerous Maneuver” Blocking PH

China is acting with a spoiled behavior towards the Philippines as per the recent reports about its vessel’s “dangerous maneuver”.

While the Philippines is on a constant pursuit for a diplomatic resolution of the territorial dispute, China is on the other end of the spectrum. While the PH government treats the Chinese government and its people with high respect, China continues to seemingly show Pinoys their being a “super power”.

Photo Credit: GMA (Not actual photo of recent encounter)

Not only did not China ignore the 2016 arbitral ruling that sided the Philippines, it also prevents some Filipino fisherfolks from fishing in certain areas peacefully. It boosted its security arm in the disputed islands which the tribunal ruled to be part of the jurisdiction of PH.

As per recent reports, the Chinese authorities also put some barricades to prevent PH from entering Bajo de Masinloc following an alleged “intrusion”. The said part of the disputed waters is within the 200-nautical mile EEZ of our country.

Recently, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) also shared about the “dangerous maneuver” of a Chinese vessel during the resupply mission to the troops stationed at Ayunging shoal. The PCG ships were only 8 nautical miles away from BRP Sierra Madre when the China Coast Guard and the Chinese Maritime Militia did “dangerous maneuvers” leaving only around one (1) meter gap away from a collission of the vessels.

The BRP Sindangan’s commanding officer immediately stopped the vessel. According to PCG, there were nine times when the Chinese vessels blocked the Philippine ships. They were also shadowed thrice during the resupply mission.

This spoiled behavior of China is no longer acceptable. The Chinese government is assertings its claims way too much. It gives accidents a chance just to be able to block off the PH ships. What a move, isn’t it?

I believe China needs to be called out by a bigger international body. Yes, let us admit the truth that the Chinese government may only hesitate to put up a fight with the Philippines but it is visibly not afraid for one to spark. It has to know that there are bigger organizations that can help our country which will hopefully make it realize that their treatment to PH is very far even from how our government deals with their ill behaviors.

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