Philippine, Chinese Vessels Collission Must Be A Wake Up Call

Philippine, Chinese Vessels

Chinese and Philippine Ships Went Into Collission Last October 22, 2023 The recent collission between the Philippine and Chinese vessels must serve as a wake up call before worse things will happen. The territorial dispute between the Philippines and China is undeniably far from over. I believe that the recent happenings are not showing positive … Read more

China Really Has the Audacity To Tell PH To “Stop Stirring Up Trouble” at the disputed islands?

China, Philippine Vessels Collission

China Claims PH Is Igniting Trouble, Making Provocations at Sea Amid the Philippines’ push for diplomatic resolutions, China displayed a disappointing courage by accusing PH of “stirring up trouble” at the disputed islands. Following several incidents wherein the Philippine authorities claimed of being blocked by the Chinese warships and other vessels during resupply missions as … Read more

Chinese Warship’s Latest Move Against PH Vessel Is “Something New” — When are they going to stop?

Chinese Coast Guard, Philippine Coast Guard

Philippine Military Confirms Chinese Warship Attempted to Cut Off PH Navy Vessel The Chinese authorities seem to have no plans of even just promoting peace and safety in the disputed territories. The Philippines and China undeniably have pledged strong ties in front of the cameras several times. However, it is not a secret to the … Read more

China’s “Spoiled” Behavior Towards PH Needs To Be Called Out


Vessel of China Reportedly Makes “Dangerous Maneuver” Blocking PH China is acting with a spoiled behavior towards the Philippines as per the recent reports about its vessel’s “dangerous maneuver”. While the Philippines is on a constant pursuit for a diplomatic resolution of the territorial dispute, China is on the other end of the spectrum. While … Read more

PH Must Boost Presence in West Philippine Sea, Pinoy Fisherfolks Greatly Affected by Dispute

Pinoy Fishermen

Filipino Fishermen’s Catch Nothing Compared to Vietnam, China’s The Philippine government must increase its defense and assistance to Filipino fisherfolks who are the most affected by the territorial dispute. The Philippines is visibly taking precautions in dealing with China over the territorial dispute. The PH government recently clarified that it is not picking up a … Read more

Coast Guard Needs More Ships for West Philippine Sea Patrol — Better to Address It than Grant Huge Confidential Funds to Other Offices

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Can’t Do Constant Patrols of PH Water Due to Limited Ships Instead of granting high CFs to other government offices, it would be best to address the pressing needs of the Philippines first. The territrorial dispute between Philippines and China over the West Philippine Sea is visibly far from over. Despite the 2016 … Read more

China Puts Barriers Against PH in Scarborough, Accuse Pinoys of Entering Its “Territory” — The Gutz!

Scarborough Shoal - China, Philippines

China Now Drives PH Away from the Disputed Scarborough Shoal The persistent claim of China over the Scarborough Shoal now leads to the creation of barriers against the Philippines — despite the area being within the country’s 200-nautical mile EEZ. Amid the several instances when the national leaders of China and Philippines have shaken hands … Read more

China Should Not Be Allowed to Treat Pinoys without Respect

China Philippines

China Calls PH To Remove Grounded Warship amid Its Construction Activities While the Philippines is looking forward to a diplomatic resolution of the territorial dispute, China is visibly not honoring any entity. Undeniably, the Philippine government is extra careful in making a move against the aggresive claim of ownership of China over the West Philippine … Read more