Lifeless Body of Missing Grade 11 Student Found in Diffun, Quirino

Authorities Discover Lifeless Body of Missing Grade 11 Student in Diffun, Quirino

TRAGIC INCIDENT – The lifeless body of a missing female Grade 11 student in Diffun, Quirino was found after five days.

According to Police Major Juanito Balite Jr., the head of the Diffun Police, the first person to stumble upon the lifeless body was a farmer searching for his lost cattle on Friday, September 22, 2023.

The tragic discovery was made deep within the wooded area of Barangay San Isidro. The lifeless body, which had a rope tied around its right foot and neck, had started to decompose. An autopsy was conducted, revealing that one of the causes of her death was strangulation.

Missing Grade 11 Student

May naamoy siya na hindi magandang amoy, hanggang natunton niya [‘yung bangkay] and then ni-report sa mga kabarangay and then may nag-report na rin sa amin,” Balite said.

Based on the clothing she was wearing, the victim was identified as a resident of Barangay Aurora East and a Grade 11 student at Diffun National High School. Her family last saw her alive on September 17, when she bid them farewell, saying she was going somewhere.

The family did not immediately report her disappearance, as it was not unusual for her to be absent for several days before returning. Additionally, she was known to be a private individual, as per interviews with her household members.

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“Hindi nila inireport dahil kung umaalis kasi ito, sanay na sila na ilang araw before babalik. May pagka-lihim din kasi itong bata, base sa interview sa mga kasama niya sa bahay,” Balite added.

The investigation into the motive behind the crime is ongoing, with authorities looking into persons of interest connected to the case.

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Missing Grade 11 Student

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  1. The reason is how the parent allow there family to be rurn.
    How dear you allow a student to join drinking. Party and you call it freedom. She said she is going somewhere?
    No one have right to ask were is that you are going
    When something happened the family will start giving story
    If you fail to prodect you children
    It will be always same story
    Teach them what is good and baf


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