Francine Diaz Prank Surprises Seth Fedelin

Here’s how the epic prank of Francine Diaz to Seth Fedelin went.

Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz pulled off a prank on Seth Fedelin and this is how the actor handled the “revelations” of the actress.

While filming the “Dirty Linen” series, the bond between Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin just seems to grow stronger. But despite being closer to each other, there’s no romantic feeling involved in them.

And this is something they have clarified in an interview with Ogie Diaz.

However, before the clarification, the actress expertly pulled off a prank on her love team that put him in a very uncomfortable situation. In the interview, they were asked what their real score and she immediately “confirmed” it which is a part of the whole plan of pranking the actor.

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin

“Nanligaw po siya. Nanligaw,” said Francine in the video which caused Seth to feel uneasy and immediately turned to the mother of the actress who was also present at the interview.

She then added that they are already in a relationship which seemingly puts more pressure on Seth as to how the handle the situation and what to answer. He was torn about whether he should tell the truth or just go with the flow so as to not put the actress in an embarrassing situation.

Initially, he agreed and got on with what Francine was trying to pull off about their relationship. But this did not last long.

On his seat beside her, he was restless, laughing nervously, whispering to her from time to time, and looking at her every once in a while as if he could find the answer to his questions through their stares.

“Hindi ako handa dun ah… Hindi lang ako handa sa sagot,” he told her.

As the interview went on, the tension was also building up, especially with Seth. But later on in the interview, he started to refuse to answer the questions so as not to put on more lies, and all the time, he was in obvious distress.

The prank proved how good Francine was as an actress and it proved how truthful Seth was.

When the prank was revealed, Seth expressed based on the video, “Iniisip ko kung sasaluhin kita, magagalit sa akin si Tita.”

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