Francine Diaz Prank Surprises Seth Fedelin

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin

Here’s how the epic prank of Francine Diaz to Seth Fedelin went. Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz pulled off a prank on Seth Fedelin and this is how the actor handled the “revelations” of the actress. While filming the “Dirty Linen” series, the bond between Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin just seems to grow stronger. But despite … Read more

Ogie Diaz Reacts To Rendon Labador’s ‘Pakikisawsaw’ On Issues

Ogie Diaz has this statement about Rendon Labador Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz reacted to social media personality Rendon Labador’s “pakikisawsaw” to issues. Rendon’s popularity online is because of his fiery statements about certain issues to the point that he is being controversial. When a personality fires back at him, he will retaliate and the cycle … Read more

Ogie Diaz Shares Being A Manager Is Not Easy Amid Issues

Ogie Diaz

This is what Ogie Diaz shared amid the issues following Liza Soberano’s vlog. OGIE DIAZ – Following the issues that arise due to the latest vlog of Liza Soberano, Ogie Diaz speaks about being a manager. Former Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano continues to surprise fans as she embraces her brand in the entertainment industry. Wiping … Read more