Male Thief Falls From Truck While Stealing Sack of Rice

Video of Male Thief Who Falls From Truck While Stealing Sack of Rice Elicits Reactions Online

A male thief attempted to steal a sack of rice but fell from the delivery truck while carrying out his illegal act.

Robbery is a serious crime in which someone’s property is taken by force, threat, or intimidation. It is a criminal offense that is penalized by law.

Robbery happens when someone illegally takes another person’s things, such as money, jewelry, or gadgets, by using force, fear, or violence.

Male Thief

Unlike theft, which occurs when someone’s stuff is taken without their knowledge or presence, robbery requires a direct encounter or interaction between the culprit and the victim. The element of fear or danger distinguishes robbery from other property crimes.

Authorities repeatedly remind the public to remain vigilant of their surroundings to avoid becoming victims of theft.

The Facebook page “Cebu Channel Online” has shared video footage of a male thief falling from a delivery truck while attempting to steal a sack of rice. The video has elicited various reactions from the online community.

In the video, a man climbs into the delivery truck and tries to steal a sack of rice. Unfortunately, the culprit falls out of the truck as the driver accelerates the vehicle.

The suspect flees to escape after sustaining an injury from the fall. The delivery personnel managed to recover the sack of rice. The incident took place on Sergio Osmena Blvd in Cebu City.

A few months ago, a thief has been nabbed after trying to the sell the stolen motorcycle online

Male Thief

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Male Thief

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