Traditional Photographer Waiting for Customers During Graduation Goes Viral

Heartbreaking of Traditional Photographer Waiting for Customers During Graduation Touches Hearts of Netizens

A traditional photographer waiting for customers during the graduation ceremony at Mabolo Elementary School in Cebu has touched the hearts of netizens.

In the 1990s, during a pre-digital period, traditional photographers played an important role in photographing major moments, particularly school graduations. They were the stars of the show, capturing experiences that children and families would cherish for a lifetime.

Back then, having a professional portrait done by a conventional photographer was a sought-after keepsake to commemorate the momentous milestone of finishing one’s education.

Traditional Photographer

In this digital age, everyone has a camera at their fingertips through smartphones, which becomes a big help in capturing the special moments in our lives. However, traditional photographers often find themselves overlooked or forgotten.

Recently, the Facebook account ‘Kasimanwang Jay-ar M. Arante’ shared the heartbreaking photo of a traditional photographer at a graduation ceremony. The post immediately caught the attention of the online community.

In the photo, the traditional photographer patiently waits for customers to buy the pictures taken during the graduation of students from Mabolo Elementary School in Cebu. Unfortunately, many people overlooked him.

In another story, a photographer expressed his dismay after ‘barat’ customer asked for inhumane discount.

Traditional photographers provide an artistic touch and a sense of professionalism to their art, expertly capturing the essence of the moment. Even in a world dominated by smartphones and digital photographs, their dedication to their profession deserves acknowledgment and admiration.

This story serves as a reminder to balance innovation and preserve the traditions that hold sentimental value for many Filipinos.

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Traditional Photographer

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