Bride Kisses Hotel Staff on Lips in Front of Groom Due to Joy over His Deed

Lovely Bride Kisses Hotel Staff on Lips in Front of Groom For Finding Her Missing Diamond

A bride kissed a hotel staff member on the lips right in front of her groom as she couldn’t contain her excitement.

A bride couldn’t contain her excitement when she found a precious item that had gone missing from her wedding ring, prompting her to kiss a hotel staff member on the lips right in front of her groom.

Michael and Courtney Feinberg tied the knot in Florida, USA, and concluded their lavish celebration with a daring leap into a swimming pool. Later on, the bride noticed that the large three-carat diamond on her ring, valued at no less than $20,000 or over P1.1 million, was missing.


Everyone assumed that the diamond had come loose when the newlyweds jumped into the pool, so they began searching for it in the water. Meanwhile, their photographer, Laura Palacios, turned into a detective and carefully examined her captured images to determine where the diamond might have disappeared.

“Every wedding I go to, I pledge to keep the clients’ best interests at heart, not to take the photos I want to,” said Laura Palacios, the wedding photographer.

“I quickly realized that it wasn’t in the couple’s best interest to keep taking photos and I had lots of evidence on me,” Palacios continued.

Upon reviewing the photos, Palacios noticed that the diamond was already missing from the ring while the couple was still dancing. This meant that the diamond hadn’t been lost in the swimming pool.

Eventually, an employee found the diamond on the floor and personally handed it to the bride, who was still busy searching in the pool. Overwhelmed with joy upon seeing the diamond, the bride greeted the staff member with a kiss on the lips.


“The diamond was big enough that it got stuck in between the floor slats. Everyone screamed and I told him I was going to kiss him on the lips, so I did” said Feinberg.

The Feinbergs have since had the ring fixed. They discovered that there had been a manufacturing error with the ring, which caused the diamond to come loose.

The company responsible for the diamond’s origin offered the couple complimentary services as a gesture of goodwill.

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