Gary Valenciano Shares Thoughts On ‘Time Heals All Wounds’

Gary Valenciano had these inspiring words about healing

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano shared his thoughts on the popular saying “time heals all wounds.”

Gary has inspired a lot of people through his music. His songs have become the life soundtrack of people who can relate to the messages behind them. Aside from his music, his life is also an inspiration to many.

He went through tough times in his career and personal life but his faith has moved mountains for him.

gary valenciano
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In a recent Twitter post, Gary Valenciano talked about what many people believe about healing. For years, many people used the saying “time heals all wounds” when it comes to the different pains they feel in their lives.

For Gary, it depends on the person if he or she is willing to be healed. “Some say time heals all wounds. I think a lot really depends on your willingness to be healed. You may not forget the pains of the past but you can sure choose not to be ruled by it; not to hold on to it. God wants to heal you my friend but you must be willing to be healed too,” he wrote in his Twitter post on May 21.

A netizen thanked Mr. Pure Energy for his inspiring words. Twitter user @chuga615 said that this tweet that Gary shared is very timely.

Thank you this message. I know God made me see this because right now, I am lost. I donot know what to do anymore with my life. I am not happy anymore. I just want to go blank… Just want to be numb… Please pray for me…” the netizen commented.

Meanwhile, a previous post that Gary Valenciano shared about time also caught the attention of many netizens. He mentioned that “Filipino Time” is still being used as an excuse for being late. For him, this is something worth lamenting.

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