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Elderly Man Arrested after He Harassed a Minor with Epilepsy

Elderly Man Arrested After He Harassed a Minor with Epilepsy

Elderly Man who Harassed a Minor Girl with Epilepsy Arrested

Police authorities arrested an elderly man who allegedly harassed a minor girl with epilepsy in Tabuk City, Kalinga.

In Nambaran, Tabuk City, Kalinga, a senior citizen has been arrested for tormenting a kid with epilepsy. According to the report, the suspect is Cesar Gabriel, a 61-year-old farmer from Nambaran, Tabuk City, Kalinga.

Elderly Harassed Minor Epilepsy

According to authorities, Gabriel is the Top Most Wanted Person at the City Level in early 2023. The Tabuk City Police Station coordinated the execution of the Warrant of Arrest on the suspect with PIU KPPO, RID COR, 1503rd RMFB15, 1st and 2nd KPMFC.

The issuance of the arrest warrant has resulted in the suspect’s arrest. Judge Jerson Angog of the RTC, 2nd Judicial Region, Branch 25, Bulanao, Tabuk City issued an arrest warrant against the suspect in the case of R4pe in reference to RA 7610, and no bail was suggested for his temporary freedom, based on the report of Remate.

According to the investigators, the suspect r4ped the victim, who had a seizure disease or epilepsy, in 2022. The suspect is now in police custody pending proper documentation and disposition.

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