Lady Netizen Slams Heartless Guy for Beating Her 74-Year-Old Dad

74-Year-Old Dad

Lady Netizen Criticizes Heartless Guy for Beating Her Elderly Father During Argument A lady netizen has expressed her disappointment and lambasted a heartless guy for beating her 74-year-old old dad despite his old age. A Facebook user named Julie Sison Rayo has shared the video footage of a heartless guy who mercilessly beats her senior … Read more

73-Year-Old Senior Citizen Got Hired as Call Center Agent

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen Applies at BPO Company & Quickly Got Hired as Call Center Agent A 73-year-old senior citizen got hired as a call center agent after applying at a job fair event in Bogo City, Cebu last weekend. A Facebook user named Rodge Tonacao has shared the journey of Lolo Rotelli Escanilla who got hired … Read more

Lolo Narding Jailed after Selling 10Kilo Mangoes to “Namamakyaw”

Lolo Narding Allegedly Jailed for Selling Mangoes to “Namamakyaw” Viral elderly man Lolo Narding Floro was sent to jail by his neighbor for allegedly selling the mangoes to “namamakyaw”. After selling the mangoes to a trader, Lolo Narding was accused of stealing 10 kilograms of mangoes from a neighbor’s tree. Nardo Flores called a trader … Read more

Police Personnel Gives Consideration to Elderly Man Driving in Improper Manner

Police Personnel

Police Personnel Elicits Comments For Ignoring Elderly Man Driving in Improper Manner A police personnel elicits comments online for giving consideration towards an elderly man driving in an improper manner. The Philippine government is already implementing stricter rules and regulations to prevent such incidents. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of hard-headed and reckless motorists … Read more

HK Police Arrest Elderly Man After Escaping From Compulsory Quarantine

Elderly Man

Elderly Man Arrested by Hong Kong Police After Escaping From Compulsory Quarantine HONG KONG – The Hong Kong police arrested an elderly man for escaping from compulsory quarantine in a hotel. Last Monday evening (September 27, 2021), a 75-year-old man has been detained in Central after escaping from compulsory quarantine in a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel and … Read more

Elderly Man with Mental Disability Shot Dead by Barangay Tanod in Tondo

Mentally Challenge Elderly Man Shot by Barangay Tanod in Tondo to Death CCTV footage shows a barangay tanod (watchman) who shot an elderly man allegedly with mental disability to death on Tondo, Manila. According to GMA News, a barangay watchman patrolling during curfew hours admonished an elderly man, which resulted in a shooting. According to … Read more