Intoxicated Man Didn’t Pay His Order, Chased After the Police

Police Authorities Arrest Intoxicated Man Who Didn’t Pay His Order at Bar in QC

MANILA – After allegedly trying to run away from his bill in a Quezon City bar, an intoxicated man resisted police authorities.

A man who was reportedly intoxicated put up a struggle with authorities after allegedly attempting to evade paying his bill in a bar in Quezon City, Philippines on Monday evening (March 20, 2023).

According to the investigation, the suspect and his friend were drinking at the bar throughout the night. When they were finally asked to pay their bill amounting to P6,000, the suspects did not have enough money to settle it.

Intoxicated Man

The intoxicated suspect then attempted to escape without paying and left the bar, but he accidentally hit several vehicles and motorcycles parked in the area. The bar staff and concerned citizens in the area alerted the police officers.

When the police arrived, they tried to restrain the suspect, but he was resisting arrest and trying to escape. Despite the police’s efforts to stop him, the intoxicated driver continued to move forward and backward, hitting more vehicles during the chase.

The police officers chased the suspect, which went on for several kilometers from Cubao to Libis. The chase finally ended when the suspect’s vehicle ran out of gas, and the police were able to arrest him.

The suspect is currently detained at the traffic sector 3 of the Quezon City Police District and refused to give any statement regarding the incident. He will face multiple charges, including reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property, disobedience to persons in authority, direct assault, and other related offenses.

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