Drunk Man Stabs Female Swertres Teller for Allegedly Neglecting Him

Drunk Man Attacks Female Swertres Teller for Failing to Assist Him

SWERTRES OUTLET – A drunk man stabbed a female Swertres teller in Santander, Cebu for allegedly neglecting him.

On Wednesday (March 8, 2023), a violent incident occurred in Barangay Poblacion, Santander City, involving Agapito Bermudo, a 50-year-old man, and Flordelyn Zosima, a 26-year-old teller at a Swertres outlet.

The suspect, who had been consistently betting on the number (972) since September 2022, became frustrated when he arrived at the outlet and was not immediately assisted by the lady teller.

Drunk Man

According to the suspect, he was ordered by Satan to carry out the attack, and he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

“Inutusan ako ni satanas, yun nga, may nagsabi sa akin na gagawin ko yun (pagsaksak). Nagsama si satanas at and beer,” Bermudo said.

Drunk Man

Bermudo, armed with a knife, approached Flordelyn and attempted to stab her. Fortunately, the victim was able to protect herself with her belt bag, which blocked the knife. However, she still sustained a wound on her hand and bruises on other parts of her body.

After the incident, the suspect was arrested and taken into police custody. In his confession, he admitted to being drunk and under the influence of Satan’s orders when he committed the crime.

Police Staff Sgt. Dante Deniega said that the suspect called the victim but received no answer. Because of this, the suspect went to the STL outlet but failed to find her because her residence was far from the outlet.

The incident highlights the importance of taking alcohol abuse and mental health seriously. It also serves as a reminder to the public to stay calm and to seek assistance from the authorities when experiencing frustration or anger.

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