Consumer Gets Scammed After Paying Parcel She Did Not Ordered


Lady Consumer Airs Dismay After Scammed for Paying Parcel She Did Not Ordered SCAM ALERT – A lady consumer expresses disappointment after she was scammed for paying a parcel she did not ordered. A lady customer named Abbey Federez has expressed her disappointment after she was victimized by a scam. The latter paid for a … Read more

Bogus Delivery Rider Refuses to Give Paid Order to Customer

Bogus Delivery Rider

Bogus Delivery Rider Earns Criticisms After Refusing to Give Paid Order to Customer A bogus delivery rider refuses to give the order of its customer, which is already paid before the transaction. Nowadays, a lot of scammers have already scattered in different parts of the worlds including the Philippines. The heartless criminals are lurking in every corners … Read more

Male Netizen Tries to Buy Lumpia Inside Jeep But Passenger Replied “Order ko ‘to”

Male Netizen

Male Netizen Got Embarrassed After Trying to Buy Lumpia From Fellow Passenger A male netizen got embarrassed after trying to buy ‘lumpia’ inside a public jeepney when the passenger replied “Order ko ‘to”. A Facebook user named “Jonathan Toledo” has shared his embarrassing experience after trying to purchase lumpia or spring rolls from his fellow … Read more

Male Customer Slams Delivery Rider for Not Delivering His Order

Male Customer

Male Customer Airs Dismay After Delivery Rider Ran Away w/ His Order A male customer lambasted a delivery rider for allegedly not delivering his order, which has been already paid online. Nowadays, a lot of delivery riders were expressing their disappointment and frustrations towards heartless customers who were making fake booking and order cancellations, which … Read more

Delivery Rider Airs Frustration to Customer Who Reported Him After Receiving Order

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Slams Customer Who Reported Him to Company After Receiving Order A delivery rider has expressed his frustration after a heartless customer allegedly reported him after receiving its order. Over the past few years, many delivery workers have been expressing their dismay towards bogus customers who were making fake booking and canceling orders. Riders … Read more

Honest Food Panda Rider Returns Customer’s Paid-Order to Vendor

Honest Food Panda Rider

Vendor Lauds Honest Food Panda Rider for Returning Customer’s Paid-Order An honest Food Panda rider returned his customer’s paid-order to the vendor for not responding to his messages. A Facebook user named Garry Angeljb Bautista has shared the photos of an honest delivery rider for returning the paid order of a customer to the vendor. … Read more