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Lady Shopper Receives Small Stones Instead of Stuff for Her Baby

Lady Shopper Receives Small Stones Instead of Stuff for Her Baby

Lady Shopper Airs Dismay After Receiving Small Stones Instead of Items for Her Baby

KABANKALAN CITY – A lady shopper has expressed her disappointment after receiving small stones instead of stuff for her baby.

A netizen from Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, was caught off guard by a recent online shopping experience. She received a delivery from an online seller on March 16, 2023 (Thursday), which contained something completely different from what she had ordered.

The netizen, who goes by the alias “Tin,” had placed an order for some baby items from a Facebook page called Baby’s Buttom. She had intended to buy these items for her newborn baby. However, when she opened the package, she was surprised to find that it contained small stones instead of the baby items she had ordered.

Lady Shopper

Feeling disappointed and angry, Tin shared her experience on social media. The lady shopper revealed that before placing her order, she had checked the seller’s reviews and feedback. They seemed positive, which gave her the confidence to purchase four baby bottles, one pacifier, one milk storage, and one bottle brush for a total of P650.

She placed the order on March 9 and received the package on March 16. The mode of payment was cash on delivery, which means that Tin only paid for the package upon receipt. However, instead of receiving her expected baby items, she received stones.

Tin’s experience serves as a cautionary tale to all online shoppers. She advises everyone to be careful and vigilant when purchasing anything online. This unfortunate incident highlights the importance of verifying the credibility of online sellers and conducting thorough research before making any online purchase.

Lady Shopper

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Lady Shopper

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