5-Month-Old Infant Dies in Motorcycle Accident in Calape, Bohol

5-Month-Old Infant

5-Month-Old Infant in Bohol Dies in Motorcycle Accident MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT – A five-month-old infant died in a tragic motorcycle accident in Calape, Bohol. A road accident refers to any unintended and unplanned incident involving at least one vehicle on a road or highway that results in injury, property damage, or loss of life. Road safety … Read more

Infant Abandoned at Church in Camarines Sur


Abandoned Infant Found at Church in Camarines Sur, Netizens React A poor infant was abandoned at a church in Pili, Camarines Sur, the incident breaks the hearts of the online community. The heartbreaking incident went viral online and sparked sympathy among those who witnessed it and netizens alike. The CCTV footage from Christ The King … Read more

Iloilo Baby Captures Attention for Being Born with White Hair

Iloilo Baby

WHITE-HAIRED BABY – An Iloilo baby has gone viral and captured the interest of the general public for being born with white hair. The family is puzzled by the unexpected appearance of white hair on the newborn. However, there were no complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Medical experts assume that the condition could be attributed … Read more

Newborn Baby in Oton, Iloilo Born w/ White Hair

Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby in Oton, Iloilo Captures Attention Online for Being Born w/ White Hair A newborn baby in Oton, Iloilo goes viral and earned various reactions online for being born with white hair. Poliosis is a rare condition characterized by the absence of melanin in the hair follicles, resulting in patches or strands of white … Read more

Mother Seeks Help After Baby is Allegedly Kidnapped in Ermita, Manila


Mother Seeks Help After Baby is Allegedly Kidnapped in Ermita, Manila Alpha Mercado, a desperate mother sought help after a woman allegedly kidnapped her 7-month-old baby in Ermita, Manila. CCTV footage shared by the Ermita Police Station captured the woman passing through M.H. Del Pilar Street with the baby. Mercado confirmed screenshots from another CCTV … Read more

Parents Proudly Share Their Baby Who Learned to Play Lato-Lato Before Being Able to Walk


Parents Found Their Baby Playing Lato-Lato “‘Nauna Pang Matuto Mag-lato-lato Kaysa Maglakad’ Two parents proudly share the video of their baby who learned to play lato-lato before being able to walk. Children have an innate curiosity and a remarkable ability to learn and adapt. This was exemplified in a playful and endearing video shared by … Read more

Sentimental Mom Preserves Memories Through Baby Clothes Quilt

Sentimental Mom

Sentimental Mom Shares Baby Clothes Quilt as She Wants to Preserve Children’s Memories SENTIMENTAL MOM – A sentimental mom preserved the memories of her children’s early years through baby clothes quilt. Netizens were amazed by the photo shared by Cherry Manieda Amado-Vicencio, featuring a baby clothes quilt she had commissioned. According to her, she wanted … Read more