Netizen Shares Classmate’s Reaction After Power Was Restored


Netizen Shares Conversation w/ Classmate Who Gives Hilarious Reaction After Power Was Restored TYPHOON AFTERMARH – A netizen has shared her classmate’s hilarious reaction after the electricity in their areas was restored. Natural calamities have the power to disrupt daily life, and one of the common challenges faced during such times is power outages. Over … Read more

Graduating Students Bring Life-Sized Standee Proxy of Their Classmate Who Failed to Attend Graduation

Graduating Students

Graduating Students Went Viral for Bringing Life-Sized Standee of Their Classmate During Graduation Graduating student bring a life-sized standee of their classmate who failed to attend during the graduation day. A heartwarming TikTok video posted by a netizen named Ramiel has been garnering numerous heart reactions online. In the video, his friends can be seen … Read more

Male Student Holds Classmate’s Rosary During Examination

Male Student

Male Student Goes Viral for Holding Classmate’s Rosary During Mid-Term Examination PRAYER REVEAL – A male student goes viral online for holding his classmate’s rosary during their mid-term examination. The Facebook post of uploader Felix Ryo featuring a photo of himself and his classmate Mariah holding a rosary has gained significant attention and engagement from … Read more

Young Girl Cries After Classmate Returned Her Gift “Ma binalik ung gift ko”

Young Girl

Young Girl Bursts Into Tears After Classmate Returned Her Gift During Christmas Party EXCHANGE GIFT – A young girl gets emotional and bursts into tears after her classmate returned her gift during their Christmas party. A Facebook user named Christine Ursua Francisco has shared the video footage of her daughter crying after her classmate returned … Read more

Village Guard Belittled by Classmate: “Nanliit ako, guardiya lang daw ako”

Village Guard Belittled

Village Guard Becomes Emotional After Belittled by Successful Classmate A village security guard goes viral after he shared that he was belittled by his former classmate who is now successful in life. Red Parunquin, a user on TikTok, shared a story about his experience while manning the village’s guard house. Red, a security guard for … Read more

Male Teenager Dies After Punched by “Naalimpungatan” Classmate in His Neck

Male Teenager

Male Teenager Passes Away After Punched by “Naalimpungatan” Classmate During Outing GUINAYANGAN, QUEZON – A male teenager died after he was punched by his “Naalimpungatan” classmate during an outing. The 17-year-old guy passed away after being punched by his classmate on his neck during their escapade at a resort. The group reportedly stayed overnight at … Read more

Tear-Jerking Moment of Students Singing During Classmate’s Wake Goes Viral

Tear-Jerking Moment

Students Singing During Classmate’s Wake Break The Hearts of Netizens The tear-jerking moment of students singing December Avenue’s “Sa Ngalan ng Pag-Ibig” during their dead classmate’s wake goes viral online. Most Filipino students were already having fun building relationships with their classmates or schoolmates after spending several years together. In short, students were attached and … Read more