Student Complains About Drunk BPATs Personnel Who Beat Him

Student Slams Drunk BPATs Personnel for Beating Him

After reportedly beating him on his way home in Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, a criminology student complains about the intoxicated personnel of the Barangay Police Action Team or BPATs group.

Alcohol intoxication has been a cause of numerous commotions in different parts of the world. It is common for individuals who are under the influence of alcohol to exhibit disruptive and violent behavior that can cause chaos and harm to those around them.

Recently, a victim identified as alias Kloy Kloy said he was supposed to pass by some benches and tables when he was assaulted by the BPATs. He claimed that his ear bleeds as a result of the altercation.


The male student fights back, but due to the large number of BPATs in the group, he seeks help from his cousins, resulting in the brawl in their area.

He stated that he had no intention of fighting back, but he couldn’t help himself because he was being beaten up by the BPATs, one of which was under the influence of alcohol and wields a samurai sword.

The victim sought medical assistance, and he is currently suffering from injuries sustained in the incident, but he was unable to purchase medicines because of financial difficulties.

The victim stated that the problem cannot be resolved within the barangay and that he wishes to take it to the police for settlement and justice.

The victim further indicated that he had no idea why the BPATs assaulted him because he has no records in the barangay.

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