Lady Student in Naga City Allegedly Forced to Ride w/ Man in Motorcycle

Lady Student in Naga City Allegedly Forced to Ride w/ Man in Motorcycle

NAGA CITY – A lady student in Naga City was allegedly forced to ride with a man on a motorcycle, the incident has been caught on camera.

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Lady Student

A video was captured at the Naga City Peoples Mall of a man on a motorcycle repeatedly following a student and pressuring them to ride with him. According to the uploader, they did not know the man and he was insistent on giving the student a ride even though they were already on the sidewalk of NCPM.

Meanwhile, PSMS Tobias Bongon, spokesperson for NCPO, stated that they will investigate the incident and urge the victims to come to their office to provide additional information.

The student’s mother stated in an updated post that they had already gone to Police Station 1. Meanwhile, the NCPO considers the incident to be an isolated case and assures that they will continue to monitor places of convergence to prevent any criminal activity.

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