Teachers Criticized DepEd #MayPasok Amid Transport Strike

Group of Teachers Slams DepEd #MayPasok Despite the Transport Strike

A group of teachers criticized the #MayPasok of the Department of Education (DepEd) despite the transport strike.

The Association of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Philippines has blasted the Department of Education. After that, it will not cease face-to-face classes in the country next week, when transportation will be halted due to a Jeepney drivers’ strike.

 “DepEd should be sensitive to the plight of commuting educators and students as well as jeepney drivers,” said the group.

“DepEd’s categorical announcement that there will be no suspension of physical classes due to the weeklong transport strike next week proves its insensitivity and obliviousness to the daily hurdles that students and teachers face in order to come to schools,” said ACT.

DepEd #MayPasok Transport Strike

The organization also stressed the difficulty students will face in getting to class next week owing to the transportation strike. According to ACT, DepEd’s rigid attitude makes little sense in light of several higher education institutions suspending physical education sessions.

“If college students are expected to have a hard time coming to school on the days of the transport strike, what more for our much younger pupils? Inaasahan ba ng DepEd na makipagsapalaran sa kalsada ang ating mga mag-aaral atsaka na lamang umuwi at mag modules kung mabigong makasakay? Paano rin naman ang ating mga guro, itatala ba silang absent kung hindi makasakay papunta sa school?” the group said.

ACT also requested that DepEd enable regional and division offices to cancel lessons in areas most affected by the strike. Meanwhile, the aforementioned group of teachers showed their support for PUV drivers and operators as they resist the upcoming jeepney phaseout, which will make their livelihoods harder, based on the report.

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  1. Ang aking komento ay para sa lahat po at sa ating kultura,una po ang jeepney po ay isa sa ating sasakyang pampasada na ng sobrang tagal na panahon at ito ang isang ikinabubuhay ng napakaraming mga pilipino at ito ay ginamit nila upang makapagpatapos sa pagaaral ng mga anak nila,pangalawa hindi man ako isa mga motorista ay naawa ako sa mga pilipino na umaasa sa mga pampublikong sasakyan na katulad ng jeep upang makarating at makapasok sa kanikanilang pupuntahan,at hnd nmn lahat ng pilipino ay mayroong sasakyan kya sana kung ipephaseout nila ang mga jeep paano na ang kanilang buhay.
    Salamat,at godbless!


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