Davao Del Norte Teachers Give Each Other Awards Based on Their Loans

Davao Del Norte Teachers

Davao Del Norte Teachers Amused Netizens w/ Their Award-Giving Method to Fellow Educators Davao Del Norte teachers went viral online after holding an awards ceremony and giving each other awards according to their loans. Teachers are the unsung heroes of our society, dedicating themselves to shaping young minds and nurturing the future. However, the profession … Read more

Kind Educator Touches Hearts of Netizens “Not only a Teacher, but also a Father”

Kind Educator

Kind Educator Touches Hearts of Netizens A kind-hearted teacher touched the hearts of the netizens for feeding and taking good care of his beloved students. Teaching is a noble profession that goes far beyond imparting knowledge and academic skills. It involves shaping young minds, nurturing character, and providing guidance to students. Teachers have the unique … Read more

NFA Probes “Inedible” Rice Given to Teachers in Nueva Ecija

NFA Launches Probe on Rice Given to Teachers in Nueva That Is Allegedly ‘Inedible” The National Food Authority (NFA) launches probe against the alleged “inedible” rice distributed to teachers in Nueva Ecija. The NFA in Region 3 (Central Luzon) denied allegations that poor quality or inedible rice was distributed as part of one-time food assistance … Read more

Lawmaker Pushes Teachers Protection vs False Child Abuse Complaints

Protection for Teachers Against False Child Abuse Complaints is Being Pushed A lawmaker is pushing protection for all teachers against false accusations and complaints of child abuse. This is what OFW Partylist Rep Marissa Magsino insisted on during a hearing before the House Committee on Basic Education on a proposal that argues for a mechanism … Read more

Teachers Criticized DepEd #MayPasok Amid Transport Strike

Group of Teachers Slams DepEd #MayPasok Despite the Transport Strike A group of teachers criticized the #MayPasok of the Department of Education (DepEd) despite the transport strike. The Association of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Philippines has blasted the Department of Education. After that, it will not cease face-to-face classes in the country next week, when transportation … Read more

Vice Ganda Criticized by Teachers Over Plans on Class Recitation

Vice Ganda Earns Backlash from Teachers Over Statement About Class Recitation Kapamilya comedian and TV host Vice Ganda earned backlash from teachers over his statement about class recitation. The It’s Showtime host has become the topic of social media following his appearance on the show as “YourMeme” in a segment. The comedian provided his viewpoint … Read more

Teachers Set Up Heartwarming Gate Entrance for Students During Valentine’s Day 2023


Teachers Earn Praises for Setting Up Heartwarming Gate Entrance for Students During Valentine’s Day Several kind-hearted teachers set up a heartwarming gate entrance for students during Valentine’s Day 2023. Valentine’s Day is a special day for many people around the world. It is a day to express love and appreciation for family, friends, and significant … Read more

Journalist Slams Teachers Dancing on TikTok “para ano, mal*bgan ang mga tao sa inyo?”


Journalist Airs Dismay to Teachers Dancing on TikTok A male journalist has expressed his disappointment and lambasted female teachers dancing on TikTok videos. Teacher is a personnel working either in private or public schools to teach academic knowledge to students. They were tasked to help students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue in order to become … Read more

Naughty Student Uses Pickup Lines to Make Teachers ‘Kilig’

Naughty Student

Naughty Student Earns Reactions Online Over Pickup Lines to Teachers A naughty student goes viral online after using pickup lines to make his female teachers ‘kilig’ during an online class. The Facebook page ”Toks” has shared video footage of a male student identified as “Mr. Garin” who gives several killer pickup lines to make his … Read more