VP Sara Orders Teachers to Avoid Friending Students on SocMed

VP Sara Duterte Wants Teachers Avoid Friending Their Students on Social Media Vice President Sara Duterte ordered all teachers to avoid friending their students on social media platforms. All employees of the Department of Education (DepEd) were instructed by the vice president and secretary of education to refrain from adding their students as friends on … Read more

Teachers’ Group Slams ‘Whitewashing’ of Martial Law in Modules

Teachers’ Group Decries ‘Whitewashing’ of Martial Law Era in Modules The alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) party-list slammed the alleged ‘whitewashing’ of the Martial Law era in learning modules. The school module that claimed that martial law represents a phase of a new society frightened the ACT. Whether or not they are used in the … Read more

2 Teachers, City Employee Caught in the Act Using Illegal Drugs

Teacher Illegal Drug

2 Teachers were Arrested along with City Employee for Using Illegal Drugs Police authorities arrested two (2) teachers along with a City Hall employee after allegedly being caught using an illegal drugs. The two teachers were allegedly captured by police sniffing illegal substances. The municipal worker, on the other hand, was placed in handcuffs after … Read more

Teacher’s Group Urges DepEd to Reduce Teaching Time to 4 Hours Daily

Teacher’s Group

Teacher’s Group Urges DepEd to Ease Workloads of Public School Teacher The teacher’s group “Alliance of Concerned Teachers – Philippines” is urging DepEd to ease the workload of public school educators. ACT Philippines spokesperson Ruby Bernardo renews their call on the Department of Education to reduce the workload of teachers in public schools and cut … Read more

DepEd Hotlines Receives Numbers of Abuse Reports in Schools

DepEd Reveals Their Hotlines Received Reports of Abuse from Schools The Department of Education (DepEd) confirmed that they have been receiving several reports of abuse from schools on their hotlines. According to the DepE, reports of alleged mistreatment to students in schools have been reported on their hotline. A week has passed since DepEd opened … Read more

Mad Students Tie Their Teachers & Beat Them for Giving Bad Grades

Mad Students

Mad Students in Eastern India Tie Their Teachers to Tree for Giving Them Bad Grades EASTERN INDIA – Several mad students have tied their teachers to a tree and beat them for giving bad grades. On Monday (August 29, 2022), the video footage of three men, supposedly school teachers were tied to a tree with … Read more

DepEd to Focus on Non-Financial Benefits for Teachers

Non-Financial Benefits

DepEd Targets Non-Financial Benefits for Teachers After Receiving Pay Hike in 2019 The Department of Education (DepEd) will study possible more non-financial benefits for teachers amid calls for salary hikes. A few years ago, DepEd and a group of teachers have been asking for a salary increase, which was fulfilled in 2019. Public school teachers … Read more

LET RESULTS 2022 – LET Teachers Board Exam Result January 2022 (FULL)


Here is the LET Results 2022 Including the Full List of Passers Updated (3/11/22) – LET RESULTS 2022 – Here is the LET Teachers Board Exam Result January 2022 including the complete list of passers for Elementary and secondary level. The Professional Regulation Commission is set to release the January 2022 LET Teachers Exam Results including … Read more

Priests, Teachers Warned Not to Engage in “Partisan Political Activity”

Priests, Teachers Should Not Engage in “Partisan Political Activity” Says CBCP, DepEd The CBCP and DepEd have warned the priests and teachers to be apolitical and should engage in any “partisan political activity. Priests have been admonished by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) not to utilize the holy mass in politics since … Read more

Teachers Air Frustrations After Losing Hard-Earned Cash from Bank

Hard-Earned Cash

Teachers Express Dismay After Losing Hard-Earned Cash to Hacker Several teachers have expressed their frustration and disappointment after losing their hard-earned cash from the bank. A teacher named William narrated that he received numerous notifications from his Land Bank account sending one-time password. William immediately went to a branch of the bank to express his … Read more