Sara Duterte Did This To ABS-CBN News Microphone (Video)

sara duterte abs-cbn

Sara Duterte appeared to be distracted by the ABS-CBN News microphone During a recent interview, Vice President Sara Duterte did this to the microphone of ABS-CBN News. Due to the pandemic, changes occurred in many fields, including broadcasting. Specific protocols are observed. Although things are slowly getting back to normal, a long boom pole is … Read more

DepEd Negros Says “Iwasan ang pagkain at drinks sa labas ng school” Due To Contaminated Chicken Joy Issue


DepEd Negros Releases Statement Over Contaminated Chicken Joy Issue DepEd Negros has finally released a statement due to the contaminated chicken joy issue “Iwasan ang pagbili ng pagkain at drinks sa labas ng school” Earlier, the video footage of a young student who bought a fried chicken outside school containing live maggots. The video footage elicits reactions from … Read more

DepEd Advises Teachers to Avoid Friendship w/ Students Outside Class


DepEd Secretary Sara Duterte Urges Teachers to Avoid Friendship w/ Students Outside Class DEPED – The Department of Education (DepEd) advised the teachers to avoid friendships with students outside class. Earlier this week, the Education Department released a new department order promoting professionalism in the delivery of basic education programs and services. The order urges … Read more

VP Sara Orders Teachers to Avoid Friending Students on SocMed

VP Sara Duterte Wants Teachers Avoid Friending Their Students on Social Media Vice President Sara Duterte ordered all teachers to avoid friending their students on social media platforms. All employees of the Department of Education (DepEd) were instructed by the vice president and secretary of education to refrain from adding their students as friends on … Read more

DepEd QC to Teachers: Borrowed Gadgets, Laptops Have to be Returned

Borrowed Gadgets

DepEd QC Urges Teachers to Return Borrowed Gadgets, Laptops The Department of Education in Quezon City urged the school teachers to return borrowed gadgets and laptops. On Wednesday (November 2, 2022), the QC schools division superintendent  Dr. Jenilyn Rose Corpuz instructed the public school teachers in Quezon City to return the gadgets issued to them … Read more

DepEd to LGUs “Avoid unnecessary cancellation of classes”


DepEd Urges LGUs to Avoid Unnecessary Class Suspensions The Department of Education (DepEd) has urged the local government units to avoid the unnecessary suspension of classes. Over the previous days, Tropical Storm Paeng has been lashing the Philippines with violent winds and heavy rains. Paeng has also caused flash floods and landslides in the affected areas. … Read more

DepEd Officials Still Deny P2.4 Billion Overpriced Laptops Deal

Senator Believes Conspiracy on DepEd Officials Regarding Overpriced Laptops Deal Senator Francis Tolentino believed that there is a conspiracy between Department of Education (DepEd) officials regarding overpriced laptops. During the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s hearing on the P2.4 billion purchase of computers for teachers last year, some DepEd officials started pointing at one another once … Read more

DepEd Central Visayas Director Says 40 Private Schools Wants Out Of In-Person Classes


DepEd Central Visayas Director Says 40 Private Schools Request To Continue Their “Blended Learning” Approach DEPED – The director of the Department of Education Central Visayas, Salustiano Jimenez said around 40 private schools in Central Visayas want out of in-person classes. Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio, who also sits as Education Secretary, ordered all public and … Read more

Sara Duterte Says First 100 Days In The Office Felt Like 100 Years

Vice President Sara Duterte 5

Sara Duterte Shares About Her First 100 Days In Office SARA DUTERTE – Vice President and Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Sara Duterte Sara Duterte-Carpio said her first 100 days in the office felt like 100 years. Sara Vicenta Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio, also known as Inday Sara is a Filipino lawyer and politician. She is the … Read more