School Teachers Prepare Delicious Breakfast, Vitamins & Allowance for Students

School Teachers Earn Praises Online for Providing Delicious Breakfast, Vitamins and Allowance for Learners

Several school teachers earn praises online for preparing a delicious breakfast, vitamins and allowance for young students.

Teacher is a personnel working either in private or public schools to teach academic knowledge to students. They were tasked to help students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue in order to become a better person in the future.

Teachers also act as the second parents of the students on the school premises. They were expected to look out for and nurture the young students. Educators also help students to be responsible citizens.

School Teachers

Kind-hearted educators even shared their blessings with their students, which shows their love and passion for the teaching profession.

The Facebook page “Jerics Channel” has shared video footage of several teachers preparing delicious breakfasts, vitamins, and cash allowance for their beloved students. The video garnered praise and admiration online.

In the video, the teachers prepared some pots filled with rice, soup, and ‘ulam’ at the school’s entrance. The educators also provide free vitamins, snacks, and cash allowance to the young learners.

Teacher Jerics greets the students at the gate, asked them to dance, and lets them answer a simple math problem. The young kids expressed their happiness after receiving delicious meals and other goods.

According to the page, the educators were able to feed around 88 learners of Bag-ong Anonang Diut Elementary School in Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental.

Here is the full post:

Free breakfast with vitamins and allowance for all learners

Thanks God for these continuous blessings. All glory to you oh Lord. Jerics Channel was able to feed 88 learners with allowance and vitamins in Bag-ong Anonang Diut Elementary School, Bonifacio Misamis Occidental.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

School Teachers

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