Witty Man Turns Blender Into Ceiling Fan (Video)

Video of Witty Man Turning Blender Into Ceiling Fan Brings Laughter Online

A witty man goes viral and elicits different reactions from the netizens after turning a blender into a ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan is a fan that is positioned on the ceiling of a room or area and is typically powered by electricity. It circulates air using rotating blades that are mounted on a hub. They effectively cool individuals by accelerating the airflow.

Contrary to air conditioning technology, fans do not lower the air’s temperature or relative humidity; instead, they improve convection and help sweat evaporate to produce a cooling effect. A little amount of heat from fans may be added to the space, mostly from the motor’s waste heat but also from friction.

Witty Man

A Facebook user named Jay ar Castillo Dinglasan – Shaboy has shared the video footage of a witty man who turned a blender into a ceiling fan. The video circulates online and brings laughter to internet users.

In the video, the guy wearing a black cap and sando is holding a pink blender but he attached the blade of a ceiling fan to it. He even tried to spin the blade and his invention worked properly.

The man’s friend urged him to energize his invention to check if it is really working. The fearless guy took an electrical plug extension and plugged his improvised ceiling fan. The improvised fan worked and functioned properly.

His friends were surprised after they have witnessed it. The guy laughed and his friends also laughed.

The video has a caption:

“Okey rin talaga yung bisyo minsan eh”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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