Jay Sonza Lashes on Celeste Cortesi’s Groin Tattoo after Losing

Jay Sonza Criticized Groin Tattoo of Celeste Cortesi After Losing in Miss Universe

Veteran journalist Jay Sonza lashes out the tattoo of Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi in her groin after losing in the pageant.

Celeste Cortesi, Miss Universe Philippines, is a sight to behold not only for her stunning physique and stylish outfits, but also for her numerous tattoos. At the 71st Miss Universe preliminary competition on Thursday, January 12, eagle-eyed viewers like us noticed her inks when she paraded the stage in New Orleans, USA for the swimsuit and national costume portion, where she wore a Darna costume.

Jay Sonza Celeste Tattoo

Meanwhile, some pageant fans were dissatisfied with her dainty tattoos. Jay Sonza, a veteran journalist, is one of them. After losing in the international pageant, Sonza took to Facebook to remind the Philippines representative Celeste Cortesi.

In his post, Sonza criticized Cortesi’s alleged tattoo on a part of her body that may have caused her to lose. According to the journalist, this may have brought bad luck to the Filipina beauty queen, which is why she did not enter the top 16.

“Kung lalahok ka sa anumang beaucon, tiyakin mong wala kang tato ng malunggay sa singit. mamalasin ka. Pramis,” Sonza said in his post.

Cortesi has eight tattoos on various parts of her body, including plant designs, her birthday, and her late father’s initials. It also features a tattoo of her pet French bulldog. Several netizens voiced their thoughts on Cortesi’s defeat.

Sonza was also critical of Cortesi’s national costume entry, in which she dressed up as Darna. Sonza questioned Darna’s pants, bra, and crown as national costumes.

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0 thoughts on “Jay Sonza Lashes on Celeste Cortesi’s Groin Tattoo after Losing”

    • I too was surprised by Celeste’s tattoos. I thought she only got two (groin & forearm) but turns out to be 8. And of all places, why placed it there in the ‘singit’? I consider myself liberal but on beauty pageants where judges are constantly changed yearly, l think organizers should consider tattoos still taboo. Btw, do they have any information as to how many winners have won despite having a tattoo(s)? If so, what color(s)? Sometimes, I also consider the color (or the number) relevant because a tattoo colored black has often been associated with criminals and cheap.

  1. I just noticed in this article that you were referring to Celeste Cortesi with the pronoun “he, him or his”. please review and edit.

    • Now I know why she lost… Either the Miss U Philippines’ organizers were blind or ignorant… Well, at least the newly crowned beauty has Filipino blood.

  2. Okay lang po ang pronoun. Bka akala niya lalakwe si Celeste. Ako nga eh, alam ko na d papasok si Miss Celeste sa top 16, kasi wala siya masyado appeal at mas magaganda ang Miss Universe contestant ngayon..


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