BREAKING NEWS: 5.0 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Greece, Felt as Far as Athens

Earthquake w/ 5.0 Magnitude Jolted Central Greece

EARTHQUAKE – A 5.0 magnitude quake rocked Central Greece and the shaking was felt as far as Athens.

Earthquakes are among the natural events cannot be precisely predicted. Agencies and bureaus that record such incidents share a common stand that an exact forecast on location, magnitude, and depth of a quake is hardly possible.

Due to this situation, one of the things that countries can do in preparing for this unforeseen circumstances is to make the people aware of the safety measures when it happens. That is why earthquake drills are done most especially in schools, offices, and other institutions operating on tall structures.

Buildings must also be built steady and strong to withstand the shakings. There were several incidents in the past when strong quakes cost lives and damages to structures.

Earthquake Greece
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Recently, the central part of Greece was hit by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake. Based on a report on Reuters, the shaking was felt as far as Athens as per the witnesses of the natural occurence.

Citing the bulletin of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, the quake reportedly occured at 2006 GMT. Based on the report, the epicenter of the quake was located 57 kilometers (35 miles) northeast of Athens. It had a focal depth of 2 kilometers or 1.2 miles.

Based on the report, the said 5.0 magnitude earthquake in central Greece followed the 4.7 magnitude quake that shook Evia Island earlier on Tuesday. It left damages to buildings and urged the authorities to cancel classes in schools. The quake was followed by several small tremors.

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  1. there is really a need to prepare the communities to at least minimize the resultant effects from the occurence of this natural event.

    meanwhile, let us join hands to provide support, in any manner, to the victims.


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