Earthquake Indonesia Deaths Reach over 300 amid Massive Damages

EARTHQUAKE INDONESIA DEATHS- The death toll in Indonesia due to the 5.6 magnitude quake has reached 321 after rescuers found more bodies.

Cianjur in West Java, Indonesia was previously struck by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake which cost lives and led to massive destruction in buildings and houses. Infrastructures collapsed and landslides took place due to the strong shaking. Based on a report on GMA News, the deaths due to the earthquake in Indonesia has reached 321 after rescuers found more bodies. According to disaster mitigation chief Suharyanto, eight bodies were found on Saturday and three more bodies on Sunday. Based on the report, the search operation will resume Monday and it will focus on areas where the missing individuals have the possibility to have been buried due to the quake.

Earthquake Indonesia: 5.6 Magnitude Strong Quake Rocks Cianjur Region

5.6 Magnitude Earthquake in Indonesia Recorded by USGS

EARTHQUAKE INDONESIA – A strong 5.6 magnitude quake hit the Cianjur region in West Java, Indonesia causing deaths and damages to structures.

When it comes to calamities, while the strength of tropical depressions and typhoons can be predicted, earthquakes are hard to forecast. Very accurate predictions about the magnitude of a quake, its depth, and the areas it may affect seem impossible.

Thus, what countries usually do in preparation for unforeseen strong quakes is to boost the public’s awareness on the safety measures whenever a shaking occurs. That is why earthquake drills are practice in schools and employment companies most especially in businesses that operate in buildings.

No country is 100% safe from quakes as they can happen both in land and underwater. Recently, an earthquake hit Indonesia.

Earthquake Indonesia
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Based on a report on CNN, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) recorded a 5.6 magnitue strong quake in Cianjur region in West Java. According to the bulletin, it had a depth of 10 kilometers.

The strong earthquake that hit Indonesia caused deaths and damages to structures. Based on the report, at least 13,782 people were displaced due the effects of the quake. They will temporarily stay across 14 refugee camp sites. The quake left at least 2,345 houses destroyed.

Furthermore, based on the report, four (4) schools and 52 houses collapsed due to the said quake as per the local office of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB). A hospital and a mosque were also among the structures damaged by the calamity.

Citing Reuters, BPNB reportedly said there are no risk of tsunami. Communications are disrupted as power outages took place in several areas. As of this writing, rescue operations are ongoing and deaths due to the said quake are being counted.

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