Barbie Forteza ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ Character Faces New Challenge

Barbie Forteza continues to amaze viewers of her Kapuso series

Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza is giving life to the character of Maria Clara “Klay” Infante in the primetime series Maria Clara at Ibarra and her character is facing a new challenge.

Klay traveled back to the time of Spanish occupation in the Philippines. Specifically, she went inside the story of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which were written by Dr. Jose Rizal.

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Since she is from the modern world, Klay needed to adjust to the customs and traditions being observed in that era. Barbie has been receiving positive feedback because of her portrayal of her role.

For the new episodes, based on the article in NewsKo, Klay has to face a new challenge. She must learn how a lady like her at that time must behave. Barbie Forteza’s character is taught by Maria Clara, played by Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose.

However, Klay is contradicting and questions the things that Maria Clara is teaching her. Because of this, Julie Anne’s character is getting impatient. With the dynamics between the two characters, the viewers have nothing but praise for the two actresses.

“A great contrasting blend of moral values, sense of humor and realization. The evolution of how women and the society think and perceive before compared as of now,” a viewer commented.

Another one said that the viewers can feel that the time setting happened many years ago because of how the actresses deliver their lines. “The way they speak, articulate and deliver the lines. Galing ng method acting nina Klay at Maria Clara. Ang separation ng past sa modern, well-distinguished,” a viewer said about Barbie Forteza and Julie Anne San Jose.

Viewers of the Kapuso series are also praising the performances of Andrea Torres as Sisa, Juancho Trivino as Padre Salve, and Dennis Trillo as Crisostomo Ibarra.

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