Gaza to Wilbert Tolentino’s Lawyer: “Mukhang barker sa Quiapo”

Xian Gaza Lashes the Lawyer of Wilbert Tolentino Following His Own Revelations

Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza took a swipe against the lawyer of talent manager Wilbert Tolentino and called him ‘mukhang barker’.

The “Pambansang Marites” of Xian Gaza appeared unconcerned about Wilbert Tolentino’s legal defense. The businessman used Facebook after Atty’s warning. If Toto Causing does not publicly apologize to his client, there may be legal action taken against him.

“Itsura pa lang nung abugado eh talaga namang very credible na. Hindi mo iisiping bayaran eh. Mukhang barker sa Quiapo na suma-sideline sa isang Notary Public,” Gaza wrote.

Gaza Wilbert Lawyer

Even Causing’s remark did not impress Xian. In the comment section of the said post, he also criticized Wilbert’s strategy for hiring a lawyer. He claims that both his conduct and the attorney he hires are ‘cheap’.

“Very persuasive yung mukha at pagsasalita. Kapani-paniwala. Sobrang na-sway yung public opinion. Pagpasok mo ng law office eh mapapasabi ka ng ‘Manong, may water po kayo,'” he said.

“Nagbayad at kumuha na nga lang ng props eh hindi pa ginalingan. Puchu puchu. Well, bagay naman sa branding niya. Sobrang cheapipay. Nagbabayad para mag-trending hahahahaha mygaaaaahd chaka naman nung ganun nakakahiya,” Xian added.

Talent manager Wilbert disputed Xian Gaza’s purported serious allegations through his attorney, who also demanded that he publicly apologize right away or risk legal repercussions. An Atty. video on Facebook This Tuesday, Wilbert will make a comeback with Toto Causing in response to the allegedly malevolent online personality’s accusations.

Here, the attorney refuted his client’s alleged involvement in unlawful activity. It will be recalled that the suspected boss of the syndicated credit card fraud and online scams was named in Xian’s blind item.

In defense of Wilbert’s side, it should be noted that the businessman purportedly charges membership fees and sells websites. The attorney further denied the existence of the offices purportedly engaged in the practice of s6x extortion.

The attorney also debunked a 2020 news report that Xian shared on Wilbert’s suspected involvement in an Isabela cyberp*rn business. He said that the Santiago City Prosecutor had certified that it was false information.

Wilbert’s team is now taking the internet celebrity to task, calling the remarks false, and issuing an apology through a live broadcast. If not, it appears that the talent agent is committed to accusing Xian of libel.

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