Ricci Rivero Slams Xian Gaza Plans for Andrea: “Bida-bida ka masyado”

Xian Gaza Ricci Rivero

Ricci Rivero Reacts to Plan of Xian Gaza Against Andrea Brillantes Basketball player Ricci Rivero slammed Xian Gaza over his crazy plan against his girlfriend young actress Andrea Brillantes. Christian Albert Gaza, who calls himself the “Pambansang Marites,” recently posted on Facebook about his plans to harm the young actress Andrea Brillantes. Since Andrea Brillantes … Read more

Gaza to Wilbert Tolentino’s Lawyer: “Mukhang barker sa Quiapo”

Xian Gaza Lashes the Lawyer of Wilbert Tolentino Following His Own Revelations Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza took a swipe against the lawyer of talent manager Wilbert Tolentino and called him ‘mukhang barker’. The “Pambansang Marites” of Xian Gaza appeared unconcerned about Wilbert Tolentino’s legal defense. The businessman used Facebook after Atty’s warning. If Toto Causing … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Leads Online Scam Syndicate – Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza Wilbert Tolentino

Xian Gaza Reveals Wilbert Tolentino Allegedly Leads an Online Scam Syndicate ‘Pambansang Marites’ Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza revealed that talent manager Wilbert Tolentino allegedly leads an online scam syndicate. After Zeinab Harake, a friend and fellow YouTuber of Gaza’s, was implicated in this widely publicized ‘Rebelasyon’ last Sunday evening, Gaza has made heavy accusations against … Read more

Toni Talks of Toni Gonzaga Is Becoming “Cheap” – Xian Gaza

toni talks toni gonzaga xian gaza

Xian Gaza shared his thoughts on the recent Toni Talks episodes Social media personality Xian Gaza, a self-proclaimed Pambansang Marites, said that Toni Talks, the YouTube talk show of actress-host Toni Gonzaga, is becoming “cheap.” Toni tried vlogging after her sister Alex Gonzaga convinced her. Eventually, the wife of filmmaker Paul Soriano started her talk … Read more