Xian Gaza Admits He’s Scammer, Denies Being a Klepto: 100% Fake

Famous Scammer Xian Gaza Debunks Claims That He is a “Klepto” Businessman Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza debunked claims that he is a “klepto” aside from being a scammer. In an interview with Chino Liu, also known as Tita Krissy Achino, the self-proclaimed “Pambansang Marites” expressly denied being a klepto or thief, in addition to being … Read more

Xian Gaza Explains Why Some Filipino Workers Are Sad to Get Back to Work “wala pa ring nangyayaring pagbabago sa buhay mo”

Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza Shares Thought on Filipino Workers Who Are Sad Returning to Work After Holidays The internet celebrity Xian Gaza explained why some Filipino workers are sad to get back to work after the holiday season. Christian Albert Gaza or popularly known as Xian Gaza has shared his thought on why there is some Filipino … Read more

Xian Gaza Flexes His Achievements This 2022

Xian Gaza enumerated the things he has achieved this year Social media personality Xian Gaza said that 2022 is the best year of his life and he flexed all his achievements this year. Xian Gaza is a self-proclaimed Pambansang Marites. His social media posts often catch the attention of many netizens. He would share scoops … Read more

Zeinab Harake Says Men Should Follow Xian Gaza, Here’s Why

xian gaza zeinab harake

Zeinab Harake had this statement about Xian Gaza Vlogger Zeinab Harake said that men should follow social media personality Xian Gaza when it comes to having relationships. Amid Zeinab’s recent issue with talent manager Wilbert Tolentino, Xian was one of the people who defended her. Based on the article in Bandera, Xian, who is a … Read more

Zeinab Harake Thanks Xian Gaza For Gucci and Chanel Birthday Gifts

Zeinab Harake

Xian Gaza gives Zeinab Harake luxurious advanced gifts. ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous vlogger and content creator, Zeinab Harake thanks Xian Gaza for his birthday gifts for her. In a previous article, ‘Pambansang Marites’ Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza shared a video of him saying something about some possibilities with Zeinab Harake. They were foes before but after … Read more

Ricci Rivero Slams Xian Gaza Plans for Andrea: “Bida-bida ka masyado”

Xian Gaza Ricci Rivero

Ricci Rivero Reacts to Plan of Xian Gaza Against Andrea Brillantes Basketball player Ricci Rivero slammed Xian Gaza over his crazy plan against his girlfriend young actress Andrea Brillantes. Christian Albert Gaza, who calls himself the “Pambansang Marites,” recently posted on Facebook about his plans to harm the young actress Andrea Brillantes. Since Andrea Brillantes … Read more

Xander Ford Asks Donation from Donnalyn for His In-laws’ Operation

Xander Ford Asks Donation for the Operation of His In-laws from Donnalyn Social media personality Xander Ford asked for donation from vlogger-influencer Donnalyn Bartolome for the operation of his in-laws. Donnalyn recently criticized Xian Gaza for writing on Facebook that every woman at a VIP table at a pricey club has a sugar daddy. On … Read more

Zeinab Harake Receives Message From “Lasing Na Xian Gaza”

Zeinab Harake and Xian Gaza

Was it a romantic message from Xian Gaza to Zeinab Harake? Check out the video below! ZEINAB HARAKE – ‘Pambansang Marites’ Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza shared this video for Zeinab Harake on social media. Famous vlogger Zeinab Harake and ‘Pambansang Marites’ Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza are close friends. They’ve had their share of misunderstandings before but the two were able … Read more

Barbie Imperial and Debbie Fight, Xian Gaza Reveals “Plot Summary”?

Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia

Xian Gaza shares this “plot summary” allegedly regarding Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia’s bar fight. BARBIE IMPERIAL – Christian “Xian” Gaza reveals in a post the plot summary of a fight that allegedly involves Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia. The alleged reason behind the controversial bar fight between Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial and VIVA contract … Read more

Debbie Garcia Shares This Post Amid Issue With Barbie Imperial

debbie garcia

Debbie Garcia and Barbie Imperial became controversial because of their viral video Vivamax actress Debbie Garcia shared this post amid her recent issue with Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial. Netizens are talking about the viral video in which Barbie was seen hitting Debbie while they were in a bar in Quezon City. Reportedly, this happened on … Read more