Zeinab Harake and Whamos: Male Vlogger Forgives Zeinab

Whamos Cruz speaks about the issue of Zeinab Harake that involved him.

ZEINAB HARAKE – Wilbert Tolentino exposed Zeinab Harake which also exposed the nasty things she said that involved Whamos Cruz.

The online platforms are currently feasting on the revelations of talent manager Wilbert Tolentino about Zeinab Harake. Tolentino revealed the nasty words Zebby said to him about several vloggers. People woke up to a string of feuds and controversies among vloggers and influencers.

They were talking about doing collaborations with these vloggers but some words Zeinab said in those screenshots did not sit well with many people which ignited the controversies.

And among the famous people Zebby talked bad about was Whamos Cruz. She did not like the idea of collaborating with him. Since he got dragged into it, instead of saying bad words, Whamoz used the popularity of the issue to earn money.

“Mag-order na kayo para gumanda ‘yung ugali, panlabas tsaka panloob. Ito lunukin n’yo ‘to [lotion] puputi ang loob n’yo,” Whamos said seemingly alluding to the issue during his live selling at the height of the issue.

In a video, Zeinab clarified this part. Accordingly, during the time she said this, Whamos was being bashed online, and to be attached to someone with a lot of bashers may have some implications for one’s channel.

She apologized to Whamos for what she has said.

And in a report from PEP, Whamos admitted that he got hurt. It was painful but it’s not enough to not forgive someone who has already apologized.

“Sa akin naman, si Zeinab naman nag-sorry naman na sa akin, oks [okay] na ako doon. Sincere man siya o hindi, walang kaso sa akin yun. Basta ako, alam ko na wala akong kagalit na tao, wala akong kagalit na vlogger,” he expressed not wanting to fuel the issues.

What matters to him is that he has no bad blood with anyone.

He added, “Kung humingi ka man ng sorry sa akin, napatawad na po kita. Hindi naman ako ganung klaseng tao na hindi nagpapatawad.”


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