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Imee Marcos Scolds Comelec Officials During Budget Hearing

Imee Marcos Scolds Comelec Officials During Budget Hearing

Comelec Officials Received Sermon from Senator Imee Marcos During Budget Hearing

Senator Imee Marcos scolded the officials of the Commission on Election (Comelec) during the budget hearing over a lack of documents.

The Comelec employees were reprimanded by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s sister for their lack of documentation at the hearing for the agency’s planned budget for 2023. Marcos was compelled to postpone the budget hearing as a result.

“I [asked] the Comelec Finance… and other directors to submit certain documents, including the budget of the Barangay and SK elections (BSKE). I am not in receipt of any document at all. That being the case, I urge that we postpone this budget hearing,” Marcos appealed to the Senate subcommittee on Finance.

Imee Marcos Comelec

The Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation is presided over by Marcos. The Comelec submitted their proposed budget for 2023, but the aforementioned senator persisted in postponing the discussion anyway.

Based on the report, Comelec’s authorized budget under the 2023 National Expenditure Program (NEP) is P4.9 billion, which is less than the P9.807 billion they requested. The senator challenged the agency to provide an explanation for why it didn’t send the committee’s requested materials.

“Nothing has been submitted, except the old powerpoint that is unresponsive to the queries of most of my colleagues… Please explain the failure to submit documents urgently requested by this committee,” the senator stressed.

Sen. Marcos voiced her complaints about the Comelec in a press conference that followed. Marcos also criticized certain Comelec commissioners for not attending the budget hearing. Due to her busy schedule, Marcos stated that she is doubtful if she can convene another hearing for the Comelec budget this week.

“It’s not a happy Monday dahil napilitan ako na i-suspend yung budget hearing ng Comelec… Pinagpipilitan pa rin nila na kinakailangan daw nila ng additional P10 billion on top of the P8.4 billion na nasa kanila na. Saan ka naman nakarinig ng eleksyon na magkaka-total na halos P19 billion, higit pa sa presidential elections? Parang hindi naman angkop. Tama ba to?” she told reporters.

“Siguro mas mahalaga lakarin muna nila ‘yung budget nila. Effort na effort [ako] maupuan ito,” she added.

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