Andrea Brillantes Makes “First Move” In Relationship w/ Ricci

A look back at the story of Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero and how everything started.

ANDREA BRILLANTES – Following the controversies that surrounded their relationship, Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero tell their story.

In a previous article, Basketball player Ricci Rivero sees and thinks that Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes is “the one” for him. Their relationship became official when he did a surprise proposal to her.

In front of many people, he asked her to be his girlfriend, and right there and then, the actress picked “yes”. He is just so in love with her that he made such a grand gesture. Despite his fame, Rivero is very private in his personal life and being in a relationship with someone in public is a first time for him.

And just recently, in the recent vlog of Brillantes, they shared that having a public relationship has its pros and cons. They can freely go out together without having to be welcomed by issues and rumors the following day is a pro but a con for them is that having too many people involved in their relationship makes it a bit more fragile.

But one good thing about them is they know better how to handle it. And in the same vlog, they shared that Andrea was the one who made the first move.

She was the one who followed and the one who messaged him first.

However, according to her explanation, many years prior, Ricci messaged her first. It was a message she wasn’t able to reply to for a long time until it was left just “seened”. In the years before their first meeting, they unfollowed each other.

And after their first meeting at a club, the actress was the first to follow. Ricci’s love for astrology caught her attention because she is also interested in things like this.

She was just amused at meeting someone, a male for that matter, who is interested in astrology stuff.

Watch their first vlog below:


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