Iñigo Pascual Compares Audition, Production Processes in U.S. & PH

Iñigo Pascual talked about his Hollywood experience

Actor-singer Iñigo Pascual shared the difference between the audition and production processes in the Philippines in Hollywood.

Iñigo was able to be a part of the American series Monarch. In a recent interview, based on the article in The Philippine Star, the son of A-list actor Piolo Pascual shared the things he did during this Hollywood stint which are different from what he knows that is happening in the entertainment industry in the Philippines.

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Iñigo said that he auditioned for his role in Monarch through a self-tape. He did a scene in which his character was going through a seizure. 

The actor-singer also shared that in Hollywood, there is an audition season and this usually starts from January to April. This is the time when series pilots are ordered and conceptualized.  

It’s not like in the Philippines where a project is given to you or a project is offered to you. In America, kahit sikat na sikat ka na, you are still asked to audition for certain things,” Iñigo Pascual shared.

The working hours in the Philippines and in Hollywood are also different. In Monarch, he would shoot four to six sequences a day but in his past projects in the Philippines, he did  20 to 30 sequences a day. With this, Iñigo said that Pinoy artists are well-trained when it comes to memorizing scripts.

In filming for the American series, he said that there were times when he was told to relax and take a break. Another big difference is that there is no such thing as a love team in Hollywood.

“It surprises me that a lot of American culture and other cultures are not as attached to love teams as they are in the Philippines,” he said. With this, Iñigo told actress Emma Milani who plays Ana Phoenix, his character’s girlfriend that when Filipinos will watch this, she would probably have an idea about love teams.

Iñigo Pascual also explained to his onscreen partner in Monarch the pros and cons of having a love team partner.

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