Iñigo Pascual Talks About His Role In ‘Monarch’

Iñigo Pascual is ecstatic about this opportunity not just for him but for other Filipino artists

Singer-actor Iñigo Pascual talked about his role in the musical drama Monarch that started airing on Fox on September 11.

Iñigo shared previously that he had no plan of auditioning for this acting project but his team was able to persuade him to try. It appeared that this stint was really meant for him. He said that he auditioned two weeks later than other actors did but he was included in the top four after the audition.

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Eventually, he was told that he needed to move to Atlanta because he got the role. In a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, Iñigo said that he is happy that there is an “inclusion rider” now in Hollywood. This means that there is a contract provision that provides for a certain level of diversity in casting and production staff.

The Filipino artist said that this will definitely open more doors for Filipinos, as well as other races to be part of a bigger stage. Iñigo Pascual is also happy that through this project, he is able to represent the Philippines.

He plays the character of Ace, the adopted son from the Philippines of Nicolette, played by Anna Friel. In the musical drama, Iñigo’s character is the adopted grandson of Dottie Cantrel Roman, played by Susan Sarandon.

“Ace is a nice guy. He is Dottie and Albie’s favorite grandchild. He wants to fit into a family of singers being that he is also an artist. He struggles to answer these questions: ‘How do I fit in? What am I to this family?’ He is also in a dilemma over whether to follow his heart or listen to what his family says about his music and public image,” the singer-actor said about his character.

Iñigo also shared that if the series will get to its second season, he is talking to the writers that he could explore Ace’s Filipino side more. He suggested that his character could go to the Philippines with his intention to meet his biological parents.

The singer-actor also expressed happiness that many of his friends in the entertainment industry are also auditioning for stints in Hollywood. Iñigo Pascual said that he hopes Filipinos will be recognized globally.

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