Active Voice Examples – Uses and Examples Of The Active Voice

Here are some active voice examples and understanding of this verb voice.

ACTIVE VOICE EXAMPLES – This is how one uses active voice in a sentence and some examples for further understanding.

When a sentence comes out to be clear and straightforward – it is a sentence in the active voice. Verb is a part of speech, an action word that has two voices – active and passive. The active voice has a direct and clear tone.

Active Voice Examples

According to a previous post, the subject tends to be a noun or pronoun usually and the subject does the action.

Check out one sample sentence in an active voice below:

The dog bites the bone.

In the sentence, the subject is the dog and the one performing the action which is the bite. The target of the action word is bone and assessing the sentence structure, it is direct and clear which makes a sentence with an active voice.

Now, how do you change this sentence to a passive voice? One mark of a sentence in a passive voice is that it has the word “by”.

The bone was bit by the dog.

This sentence in passive voice is more focused on the object, it makes the subject less important, and in other times, the subject isn’t stated specifically or is unknown.

Here are some other examples of sentences in active voice:

  • The father is reading a newspaper
  • Nicholo threw the ball outside the net.
  • Dr. Gregorio called early to inform the patient that he cannot come.
  • Two athletes from the city won gold medals.
  • Jimmy transferred the water bottles to another freezer.


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