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VOICE OF VERB: The Meaning & Examples of Active Voice & Passive Voice

VOICE OF VERB – Here are the meaning and examples of the Active Voice of the Verb and the Passive Voice of the Verb.

One of the parts of speech in English which is often found in every sentence is the verb. It conveys the action that is done by the subject or the doer of the action that is why it is also called as “action word”.

Verbs come with different groups and basis. There are the tenses of verb which show whether the action was already done, is being done, or will be done in the future.

Aside from the tenses of verb, there are also the voices of the verb. It show either of the two formats – the subject is doing the action or the action is done by the subject.

Voice of Verb

Under the Voice of Verb there are two(2) kinds – the Active Voice and the Passive Voice.

Active Voice

Under this, the subject is the one doing the action. Usually, “by” would not be spotted in this type of format.


  • The father is reading a newspaper
  • Nicholo threw the ball outside the net.
  • Dr. Gregorio called early to inform the patient that he cannot come.
  • Two athletes from the city won gold medals.
  • Jimmy transferred the water bottles to another freezer.

Passive Voice

Under this voice, the format shows that the action or verb was done by the subject. Usually, there is a use of “by”.


  • The newspaper was read by the father.
  • The ball was thrown by Nicholo outside the net.
  • The call to inform the patient that he cannot come was done by Dr. Gregorio.
  • The gold medals were won by two athletes from the city.
  • The water bottles were transferred by Jimmy to another freezer.

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