Daniel Padilla Successful Career, Did Marco Gumabao Feel “Inggit”?

What does Marco Gumabao feel about the successful career of his friend Daniel Padilla?

DANIEL PADILLA – Successful and famous actor Daniel Padilla’s career did not make his friend Marco Gumabao feel “inggit” about it.

Supreme Idol Daniel Padilla is the country’s one of the most sought-after actors and most successful artists. He started young in the industry and at his age now, he has secured already a future that’s sufficient.

He also settled his family already, bought a home, and owns a business. And if there’s one thing missing in his life, it would be marriage. He is currently in a relationship with his on-screen partner Kathryn Bernardo.

They are collectively called KathNiel and their projects have made record-breaking marks in the entertainment industry. And now, with Daniel’s undeniable success, does his friend Marco Gumabao feel, somehow, insecure about it or jealous?

Gumabao admitted that he’s been receiving questions like this ever since and ever since he never felt a single or a bit of “inggit” over his friend’s success. He’s actually proud of not just Daniel’s career but the achievements of actors in his generation.

Daniel’s success is his inspiration and motivation to also do well in his craft.

He added based on a report from PUSH, “So, let’s always look at things na kumbaga, yon ang source of motivation or source of inspiration kasi kaya naman talaga nandiyan sila kung nasaan sila ngayon, to serve as inspiration to other people na nagsisimula pa lang.”

According to him, there is no point in feeling bad or feeling jealous over someone’s success, especially in their industry. They will just drag each other down if everyone would be feeling this way.


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