Baby Girl Hailed as ‘Malditang Moana’ Goes Viral Online

Baby Girl Posing as ‘Malditang Moana’ Elicits Reactions from Netizens

A baby girl who has been hailed as ‘Malditang Moana’ for crying and yelling during a photoshoot goes viral online.

Babies are called to small children until the age of two. Most of them are still learning to eat, speak, crawl, and walk during this age. Little kids are usually playful and yet show irritating behavior at times.

However, parents should learn how to manage and control the emotion of toddlers, especially in public places.

Malditang Moana

A Facebook user named Majudel Paradero Composa has shared photos of a baby girl who cried and yelled during her photoshoot. The post immediately circulates online and elicits comments from social media users.

In the photos, it can be seen that the little girl wears a wig and Moana-like costume at the beach. Unfortunately, the baby lost her patience and went tantrum after being irritated by her costume.

The viral baby will turn eight months this coming August 10, 2022. The photoshoot has been made a few days before the celebration. Composa did not finish the photoshoot due to her baby’s attitude.

Malditang Moana Malditang Moana

Here is the full post:

“Kaway kaway sa mag e 8 months this coming August 10 

Marunong na mag maldita hehe ang layo pa naman ng bahay namin sa dagat tapos iiyak lang pala doon   

Hindi na po nagamit ang ibang props dahil galit na galit na ang model sa buhok niya na biglang tumaas at makati pa  ”

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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